Design Build / Assist

Design Build / Assist

The design model used by PML has been developed over the years to ensure the very best value for our customers. It is based on a very successful set of standards currently employed in Europe and the USA.

In our model, our highly skilled Design Build manager works with a client to establish a system that fulfills their requirements for comfort, quality and price. This initial design phase is completed before the client has finalized their building structure. In essence, PML becomes the designer and installer of the complete mechanical system.

Initial discussions establish written mandatory requirements of the job, including cost. Based on these discussions, the Design Build manager prepares budgets based on the requirements of the project. All of the options that meet the model will be presented to the client using what’s called a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). The GMP includes all costs of the project including engineering, construction and project management. Upon agreement, the Design Build Group will establish a working relationship with the client’s project team to help design the building. The Design Build Group uses mechanical consulting engineers for the project to ensure professionalism and standards of quality. The engineers are directed by the Design Build Group, with an eye to ensuring the execution is in line with the originally approved plan.

An important aspect of this model, and one of the reasons our customers use the Design Build service, is that we take ultimate responsibility for the successful operation of the mechanical systems we design and install. This allows for a high level of design quality, the ability for accelerated delivery and early cost commitment. We are confident that our process is the way of the future and we are committed to its success, and in turn, to the success of our customers.



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