Preventative Maintenance

The Preventative Maintenance Division is a natural extension of our highly skilled Service Operations. This group operates under the umbrella of Service Operations and provides regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits to buildings that have signed service contracts with us.

The purpose of this division is to help customers prolong the life of their equipment by performing regular maintenance checks on the equipment. During these visits, it is not uncommon for the mechanic to discover that a repair is required. Generally, these failures are not an equipment failure, but the result of worn parts from regular usage. Our highly trained mechanics recognize the potential problem area and communicate that issue to the account manager responsible for that account. In turn, the account manager contacts the client regarding the recommended repair.

It’s our own internal staff who manage the various functions of the Preventative Maintenance program and are key to its success. The actual servicing of equipment is only a small part of the program. Equally important in this department is the tagging system. By tagging each piece of equipment with a sequential number, all parties are able to recognize individual items by number. This creates an ongoing, at-a-glance record of the equipment’s performance, as well as its repair record. With this information on hand, account managers can offer constructive advice for either repairs or replacement.

At PML, Preventative Maintenance is truly a team effort, and of great value to our customers. For example, with the information captured from the preventative services provided, we are able to help customers establish a protocol for future repairs and replacements, which in essence, helps drive a healthy budgeting process.