LEED Accredited

LEED—Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design—is the internationally recognized association for “green” building certification. At PML, we support sustainability in all its forms, and we have designed and built the building systems for many LEED-certified building projects.

Our Design and Build team includes several LEED accredited professionals, whose mandate is to bring a sustainable approach throughout all phases of the design and installation of building mechanical systems.

At PML, we provide comprehensive building services, with an awareness and concern for the energy consumption and environmental footprint of the entire system, including the HVAC, the mechanical and fire protection systems. We understand the interactions between systems and we can advise on, design, upgrade or and install optimized systems for buildings or complexes of nearly any size. We are experienced in working with designers and architects to create comfortable, energy-saving total systems that apply advanced technologies and/or achieve LEED certification.